Real-time Capital and Investment Solutions for Alternative Assets

With our clients we share a life-long passion for alternative investments, finance and innovation. Our mission is to deliver outstanding capital and investment solutions for alternative assets, using our knowledge, experience and latest technology.

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Our Mission

We are on a mission, using modern technology to enhance capital and investment solutions.


Making investment funding and asset transactions easier, faster and more enjoyable


Simplifying decision making and utilising analytics and augmented intelligence for actionable insights


Finding and executing strategic asset management and operational platform investments


Bringing investors, managers, operators and developers closer together and building strong partnerships

= exponential growth
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Investment Solutions

Smart ways to scale your business.

Rising Stars

We enable hidden champions to reach the next level of growth by providing strategic advice in market positioning, optimising capital sources and expanding the investor base. We enhance your capabilities, support corporate-level M&A and unlock hidden value in the business.

Growing Scalable Platforms

We initiate partnerships between skilled managers, company operators and strategic institutional investors to create industry leading, next generation platforms. Our activities span traditional sectors as well as niche and emerging technology segments.

Best-in-class Sourcing

We offer superior sourcing, underwriting and execution support for investments, ensuring that all operational, financial and strategic objectives are met. We focus on off-market transactions and complex situations.

Building Long-term Partnerships

We are passionate about building successful partnerships in specific markets, geographies and sectors. This includes making principal investments as evidence of our alignment of interest and long-term commitment.

= exceptional focus
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Capital Solutions

The full spectrum of capital solutions available to you.

Raise Equity in Record Time

We provide holistic planning and execution of your funding needs, including club deals, joint ventures, portfolio recapitalisations, separate accounts, closed-end and open-end funds.

Tailored Strategic Advice

Drawing from our years of experience and extensive networks, we help evaluate investors' and managers' strategic fit, durability and overall quality. Also, we tailor funding structures to specific institutional investor groups.

New Formations & Spin-offs

Starting a new investment fund series or an entirely new platform? We help managers expand their product lines with matching capital partners. We also advise spin-offs and find the right seed capital for the first steps as an independent platform.

Real-time Market Intelligence

We provide transparent feedback and clear direction through real-time market insights on European capital flows. In addition, we’re up-to-date on the latest regulatory requirements, helping you navigate the complex landscape of alternative assets funding.

= execution capital
= expert insights

Our People

"Don't settle for the old, make use of the new. Don't accept the ordinary, demand the extraordinary. Work with us and experience what eXapital can do for you today."

Hubertus Bäumer

Managing Partner

Interdisciplinary experience as investor, fund/asset manager and capital market analyst with a strong knowledge of product development, structuring, operations, legal and regulatory aspects.

Dr. Karsten Lieser

Managing Partner

Transaction background with emphasis on alternative property sectors and operational intensive asset classes. Developing investment solutions to access new markets or build strategic platforms.

= efficient funding


We want to be the best at what we do and work hard to deliver outstanding results to our clients.

We do so in a collaborative and caring culture, valuing the skillset, individuality and perspective of each team member.

Together we dare to innovate and challenge the status quo, which is key to our success as a firm.

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