Capital Advisory and Funding Solutions for Alternative Assets

We are an independent international specialist in private markets and real assets offering the full-range of capital, business development, investment advisory and funding services for investors and investment managers.

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What we do

We offer the full range of capital market services in the alternative asset space

For investors

Our platform is a global digital marketplace that provides access to real estate, infrastructure, private equity, private debt, impact and other alternative investment products and platforms.

For investment managers

We are a prime partner for end-to-end placement consulting, capital raising, business development, corporate advisory and M&A services.

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Equity Placement

The full spectrum of capital advisory available to you.

Raise Equity in Record Time

We provide holistic planning and execution of your funding needs, including club deals, joint ventures, portfolio recapitalisations, separate accounts, closed-end and open-end funds together with our partners on a global scale.

Tailored Strategic Advice

Drawing from our years of experience and extensive networks, we help evaluate investors' and managers' strategic fit, durability and overall quality. Also, we tailor funding structures to specific institutional investor groups.

New Formations & Spin-offs

Starting a new investment fund series or an entirely new platform? We help managers expand their product lines with matching capital partners. We also advise spin-offs and find the right seed capital for the first steps as an independent platform.

Real-time Market Intelligence

We provide transparent feedback and clear direction through real-time market insights on European capital flows. In addition, we’re up-to-date on the latest regulatory requirements, helping you navigate the complex landscape of alternative assets funding.

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Business Development

Smart ways to scale or sell your business.

Rising Stars

We enable hidden champions to reach the next level of growth by providing strategic advice in market positioning, optimising capital sources and expanding the investor base. We enhance your capabilities, support corporate-level M&A and unlock hidden value in the business.

Growing Scalable Platforms

We initiate partnerships between skilled managers, company operators and strategic institutional investors to create industry leading, next generation platforms. Our activities span traditional sectors as well as niche and emerging technology segments.

Best-in-class Sourcing

We offer superior sourcing, underwriting and execution support for investments, ensuring that all operational, financial and strategic objectives are met. We focus on off-market transactions and complex situations.

Building Long-term Partnerships

We are passionate about building successful partnerships in specific markets, geographies and sectors. This includes making principal investments as evidence of our alignment of interest and long-term commitment.

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Debt Funding

The full spectrum of funding solutions available to you.

Debt solutions

We offer institutional investors and family offices the opportunity to invest in structured European real estate mortgage loans sponsored by institutional and mid-market counterparties. We have an international team with offices in Hamburg and London and high expertise in tailor-made solutions.

Plug & Invest

We create value in core and opportunistic situations. We apply a flexible approach to capital deployment and boasts deep expertise and a proven track record in European real estate transactions in the context of sourcing and structuring deals, real estate and loan underwriting, asset management and restructuring.

Target Profile

We can execute whole loans, mezzanine and equity participations on acquisition, bridge, (re-)development and refinancing opportunities, and can also acquire real estate loan portfolios with different risk profiles.

Structured Finance

We provide the full range of debt financing and can support the structuring of debt funding. Through our international network and experience we can always apply best-in-class solutions.

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Global Reach

Together with our partners we are present in relevant financial centers and local markets around the globe with a team of more than 80 people.

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